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26 & 28 NOVEMBER 2019
the SA Premiere production of

Written By: Simon Stephens
Directed By: Aldo Longobardi

Season runs 11-26 September 2020


Georgie is an ‘exhausting but captivating’ woman in her forties from New Jersey and living in London. Alex, in his 70s, is a quiet, introverted Irish butcher and eternal bachelor who is unused to and suspicious of romantic attention.

Georgie and Alex are perfect strangers and complete opposites who share one significant thing in common: they are both deeply lonely having lost the people who meant most to them. When Georgie accidentally kisses the back of Alex’s neck in St Pancras Station, mistaking him for someone else, the pair are drawn together into something that is part romance, part friendship, and part experiment in embracing the uncertain. But is Georgie masterminding the situation? Why is the steadfast Alex so willing to be moved by the erratic Georgie? And is Georgie all that she appears to be? 

Heisenberg gets its title from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics which states that the position and velocity of an object cannot be measured simultaneously, even theoretically, and that the act of measuring an object’s speed changes its position, and vice versa. Simon Stephen’s Heisenberg is a quirky romantic comedy and character study that observes the uncertainty of the human heart.


GEORGIE BURNS (female) Early 40s*

Rightly describes herself as ‘exhausting but captivating’. From New Jersey now living in London. Hides her experience of pain and loss behind her brazen personality and frenetic energy. She talks and swears a lot, has little to no regard for personal space, and spins ever-changing and probably made-up stories which begs the question of her trustworthiness. American accent required.

ALEX PRIEST (male) Mid 70s*

Georgie describes him as ‘the shy, brooding, intellectual type.’ Irish. Runs a failing butcher shop. Never married. He experienced a lot of emotional trauma in his early childhood which has seen him find safety and security in a life of order, routine and predictability. Irish accent required.

‘ON STAGE CREW’ (multiple roles available, any gender) 18+

The on stage crew will assist in facilitating costume and set changes between scenes as part of the performance through choreographed physical theatre sequences. While these sequences facilitate smooth and seamless scene changes, they also reflect, enhance, and extend on the ideas presented in the scenes and help move the story forward. These are non-speaking crew roles that require a high degree of creativity and performance through physical and facial expression and stylised movement.

*Georgie and Alex will have some involvement with the on stage crew during scene changes so actors should expect to participate in some simple stylised movement sequences.


Tuesday 26th November 2019 from 7pm - STIRLING COMMUNITY THEATRE, Avenue Road, Stirling

Georgie and Alex

Excerpts from the script for auditions will be emailed when booking an audition. These will include a monologue/s and a section of dialogue between the two characters. It is expected that you will be familiar with these excerpts at your audition. You will be required to present the monologue, but you may also be asked to read the dialogue with another actor.

Thursday 28h November 2019 from 7pm - CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY HALL, CRAFERS (see map below)

On Stage Crew

There is nothing to prepare for on stage crew auditions. The audition will be workshop based where participants will be shown some techniques for devising physical sequences and develop a short piece. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for some movement.  

A read through and introduction of cast, on stage and off stage crew and production team will be arranged prior to commencement of rehearsals. Rehearsals will commence mid-June 2020.

Tuesdays 7pm to 10pm
Thursdays 7pm to 10pm
Sundays 2pm to 5pm

Rehearsals will be at Stirling Community Theatre. Some rehearsals may occur at the Anglican Church of Epiphany in Crafers if the theatre is unavailable.

Fridays and Saturdays 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 September 2020
Sunday (matinees) 13 and 20 September 2020

Stirling Community Theatre, 5 Avenue Road, Stirling

More Information:
For more information or to book an audition, please contact Aldo Longobardi on 0433160133 or email

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