Jason Sardinha


Stage-fear and shyness were forces that always stopped me from portraying myself to the audience. But it's funny and ironic because it was at that very stage that made me the confident and enthusiastic person I am today. I didn't discover my love for acting till the year 2010, in grade 8, when I took part in my first short skit- and it has been a rollercoaster ride since then. I've been involved in several skits, dramas, mimes and street plays in high school and junior college but I got my first breakthrough into theatre in April 2016 in the student production of UATG called Angry Love.

An aspiring actor, I'm currently doing my bachelor's degree in commerce at the University of Adelaide. While Our Country's Good will be my first venture in a major theatre production, I aim to be a part of many more plays in the future and also dream of playing a lead role in a Shakespearean play and hopefully, making my way into Hollywood someday.