a Comedy by A.R Gurney


Director: is Erik Strauts.
Season: 13-28 September 2024.
Rehearsals: from 2 July, Tue & Thu evenings and Sun afternoons/evenings. 


Yikes! It's middle age! Greg's business career is winding down; his wife, Kate, watches her career take off. Their nest is now empty, but then along comes Sylvia.  She's a dog... and she's no Lassie!

Greg finds Sylvia in the park and immediately takes a liking to her. Lovely, smart, and affectionate, she offers Greg an escape from the stresses of middle age. He brings her back to the house. When Kate gets home, she reacts very negatively to Sylvia and wants her gone. They eventually decide that Sylvia will stay for a few days before they decide whether she can stay longer. Over the next few days, Greg spends more and more time with Sylvia, and less time at his job. Already dissatisfied with his job, he now has another reason to avoid work. Tension increases between Greg and Kate, who still does not like Sylvia at all. Eventually, Greg becomes completely obsessed with Sylvia, and Kate fears their marriage is falling apart. Greg finally realizes what is happening and decides to give Sylvia to another family. At the last minute, Kate has a change of heart and decides that Sylvia can stay with them permanently. Greg and Kate resolve their differences, Greg finds a job he likes better, and they live happily ever after.

The play is set in New York.  The time is now.


 The role of “Sylvia” has already been cast.

Major (approx 50 pages each) - 1 male, 1 female:

  • Greg: middle-aged, Kate’s husband - a financial trader whose career is winding down.
  • Kate, middle-aged, Greg’s wife - an English teacher whose career is on the way up

 Supporting (approx 10 pages each) - 1 male, 1 female, 1 male or female (all delightful “character” parts):

  • Tom: 25-55, a dog owner who befriends Greg in the park - outgoing and friendly, expert of dog/human relationships (or at least thinks he is). 
  • Phyllis: middle-aged, a school friend of Kate’s - a well married shallow socialite lush.
  • Leslie (male or female - “of indeterminate gender”): adult, a marriage counsellor (actually a “relationship therapist”) in need of a little help herself.  Believes that she can solve any marital problem (but doesn’t solve this one).

Auditions and Further Information

Auditions (by appointment) will be held on Sunday 26th November between 10am and 5pm
At the Stirling Community Theatre, 7 Avenue Road, Stirling.
For an appointment for a 15min slot, email the director with your availability times.
Call-backs will be on Tuesday 28 Nov in the evening.

For further information feel free to contact the director:  0438 275 814 /