Shona Cameron

Shona has a musical background.  She played trombone at The Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony, performed in musicals whilst studying at the University of Melbourne, as an audience plant at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and represented Australia as a dancer at The European Highland Dancing Festival. Zigzag Street is her comeback to the performing arts scene, after a seven year break from the stage. Shona’s dream role would be to "play a damsel in distress that realises that only self-reliance can save her. And once she is saved she gets to kiss the hot guy anyway."

Originally from Melbourne, Shona moved to Adelaide for work, and was immediately attracted to the beautiful old Stirling Community Theatre which is across the road from her new workplace!  She has thoroughly enjoyed the cycling, food and wine culture of Adelaide, the Barossa and McLaren Vale and has fallen in love with the Adelaide Hills!