Maxine Grubel

Maxine is excited to be back at her 'spiritual home' bringing live theatre back online, so to speak. 

Joining The Stirling Players at the tender of age of twelve in 1975, she virtually grew up in The Stilring Community Theatre. She performed in. or crewed for, most Stirling productions, until her last appearance on our stage as Mickey in The Odd Couple, the Female Version in 2006. A few of her favourite roles during this time were as Henrietta in The Barretts of Wimpole St, Bubba in Summer of the Seventeenth Doll and her award-winning Cherry in Cosi in 1997, a role she was fortunate enough to reprise for Adelaide Rep ten years later. 

Maxine has also performed many roles 'down the hill'. These include Dawn in Steaming for Matt Byrne Media, (for which she was nominated for a Curtain Call Award);  Delia in One Slight Hitch and Peasant Woman in Incorruptible for Galleon; Fay in A Chorus of Disapproval  and Celia in Calendar Girls for St Jude’s. She played Charlotte in Moon over Buffalo and Pearl in Summer of the Seventeenth Doll for Therry, and has been cast as Ida Webb in their postponed production of Twentieth Century, which she hopes will be seen in 2021, . 

Maxine hopes you all enjoy these lovely whimsical pieces of Australian Theatre.