Coming Next

22 February - 9 March 2019


Written By: Jessica Swale
Directed By: Megan Dansie


Nell Gwynn - our heroine Emily Currie

Rose Gwynn - Nell’s sister Fiona DeLaine

Nancy - Nell’s dresser and confidante Kate Anolak

Lady Castlemaine - Charles’ most ambitious mistress - Alicia Zorkovic 

Louise de Keroualle - Charles’ French mistress - Rose Harvey

Queen Katherine -  Charles’ Portuguese wife - Karyn Fuller

Old Ma Gwynn - Nell’s mother, a brothel madam - Karyn Fuller

Charles II - the King, obviously - Pete Davies

Charles Hart - leading actor of the King’s Company Brad Martin

Thomas Killigrew - actor-manager of the King’s Company Lindsay Dunn

Lord Arlington - Charles II’s advisor Philip Lineton

John Dryden playwruight  - Matt Chapman

Ned Spigget - actor in training in the King’s Company - Simon Barnett

Edward Kynaston - actor in the King’s Company, plays the women’s parts Don O`Donnell 

Ensemble & choreographer - Rebecca Kemp 

 Ensemble - Kaitlyn Mackenzie