Scenes From A Separation

By Hannie Rayson & Andrew Bovell

The play presents the breakdown of a marriage and is a collaboration between two renowned Australian playwrights Andrew Bovell, writing from the husband's perspective in the first act and Hannie Rayson from the wife's point of view in the second.

The play tells us about Mathew Molyneux and Nina Moss, married with children. He is a director of the Molyneux family publishing company. She is a former journalist who has returned to work for the company and is writing a biography of Lawrence Clifford, Australian of the Year, a former ruthless businessman who has re-invented himself as a philanthropist.

Mathew's brother, Darcy Molyneux, is another company executive whose own marriage is on shaky ground, especially since he started a liaison with the company's hot-shot twenty-something editor, Siobhan McArdle. Sarah Moss is Nina's sister, concerned about whether Nina is doing the right thing. Margaret Molyneux, the boys' mother has seen it all before, with their father, the firm's founder and noted philanderer.

Nicole Rutty as Sarah was nominated for the ATG 2011 Curtain Call for Best Supporting Actress 


Nina Moss - Rachel Burfield
Mathew Molyneux - Tim Williams
Siobahn McArdle - Alicia Zorkovic 
Darcy Molyneux - Steve Marvanek 
Lawrence Clifford - Lindsay Dunn 
Sarah Moss - Nicole Rutty 
Margaret Molyneux - Vee Noble

Director - Megan Dansie
Production Manager - Jan Farr