The Female of the Species

Written by Joanna Murray Smith, Directed by Erik Strauts

September / October 2010

This side-splitting comedy was a hit for The State Theatre Company in 2007, and since then has delighted audiences in London and LA, (with Annette Bening in the lead role at the Geffen Theatre). 

Based loosely on a real incident involving Germaine Greer, the play features Margo Mason, a literary giant whose world is turned upside down with an array of uninvited and unwelcome guests. Before she knows it, Molly's got a gun, Tess' kids are home alone with the sugar cubes, Bryan nearly kills them all, and Margot's handcuffed to the desk….when all she wants to do is meet her deadline! 

Winner Best Comedy 2011 ATG Curtain Call Awards

Margot - Gayle Hammond
Molly - Eleanor Stankiewicz
Bryan - Steve Marvanek
Frank - Constantinos Dias Mendes
Tess - Alicia Zorkovic
Theo - Denis Noble

Production Team
Director - Erik Strauts
Producer - Jan Farr