22 February - 9 March 2019


Written By: Jessica Swale
Directed By: Megan Dansie

Nell Gwynn is a fabulous romp that premiered at Shakespeare’s Globe in September 2015 before transferring to the West End and winning the of 2016 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

It is a fun, bawdy, inside look at theatre and acting of the period. Hearing Nell Gwynn heckled at the playhouse, Charles Hart decides to train her as an actress, just before women are first allowed on the London stage - the pair also become lovers. When Charles II grants permission for women to act, Nell joins Hart in the King's Company. Her admission to the Company is backed by its writer John Dryden, director Thomas Killigrew, and most of the actors except Edward Kynaston, who had previously played the company's female parts. Charles II continues his affair with Lady Castlemaine, although his queen, Catherine, objects. Soon afterwards Charles sees Nell onstage and is greatly attracted to her. He visits her backstage and the pair begin an affair.

The play represents a wonderful twist on the story of The Stirling Players’ 2012 sellout hit, Compleat Female Stage Beauty, also directed by Megan Dansie. 

Nell Gwynn - our heroine Emily Currie

Rose Gwynn - Nell’s sister - Anita Pipprell

Nancy - Nell’s dresser and confidante Kate Anolak

Lady Castlemaine - Charles’ most ambitious mistress - Alicia Zorkovic 

Louise de Keroualle - Charles’ French mistress - Rose Harvey

Queen Katherine -  Charles’ Portuguese wife - Karyn Fuller

Old Ma Gwynn - Nell’s mother, a brothel madam - Karyn Fuller

Charles II - the King, obviously - Peter Davies

Charles Hart leading actor of the King’s Company Brad Martin

Thomas Killigrew - actor-manager of the King’s Company Lindsay Dunn

Lord Arlington - Charles II’s advisor Philip Lineton

John Dryden playwruight  - Matt Chapman

Ned Spigget - actor in training in the King’s Company - Simon Barnett

Edward Kynaston - actor in the King’s Company, plays the women’s parts Dylan Odonnell 

Director: Megan Dansie

Musical Director - Jacqui Maynard

ChoreographerRebecca Kemp