6 - 15 November 2020



DinkiDiPosterFinal_Small We were thrilled to welcome audiences back
under Covid-19 safe conditions
with a

Dinky-Di Double-Bill
Directed by Bronwyn Chapple

The Margarine Conspiracy by Lissa Benyon

A gentle spoof on over-earnest environmentalists as an “ideologically sound” layabout goes into battle with his “ideologically unsound” sister!
Andrew Aitken as Tom
Rebecca Gardner as Barbara
& Georgi Clough as Helen

Down Came a Jumbuck by Ian Austin

 Imagine “Waltzing Matilda” written by an 1890s advertising agency!
This satiric dig at our Aussie icon is a sheer delight that will have you humming your way out of our lovely theatre!
Lochie Daniel as Andy
 Malcolm Walton as Hubert
& Maxine Grubel as Miss Church

A little more about the plays..

 Just imagine one of Australia’s icon’s being created by an advertising agency in the 19th century.              

 And does margarine really contain tiny plastic ball bearings? 

What does Clancy of the Overflow have to do with selling toilet bowls? 

When an ideological layabout does battle with his “ideologically unsound” sister, whose side are you on?

Director Bronwyn Chapple says she  picked Jumbuck because it reflects the fact that Australians cannot get a clear picture of their identity. "What Australian is ever going to respect a swaggie or accept that you could put a big jumbuck into a tucker bag?

We still don’t know what our national identity is really.  And we still don’t agree on a national anthem.

I wanted to do Margarine because of its relevance to today, and a bit because of my own concern about the environment.   This play was written in 1985, and nothing has changed, essentially.

Margarine is about three characters. Tom, who is anal about anything affecting the environment – not having a car, using every plastic bag twice.  Helen, his girlfriend, is supportive, but not that happy about it because it interferes with her lifestyle. She can’t go to the beach and just enjoy it, because Tom spends all the time picking up Mars Bars wrappers. Tom’s sister is quite different.  She’s a teacher, who thinks Tom should work and earn his living, and stop complaining about the environment because our technology and brains will solve the issue, so why worry? But of course, they haven’t."