Mr. Bailey's Minder

Written by Debra Oswald  Directed by Erik Strauts

September / October 2012

"Mr. Bailey's Minder" is the fictional story of Leo Bailey, one of Australia's greatest living artists, whose genius battles to survive the effects of alcohol, cynicism and self-loathing, cared for at arms length by his daughter Margo, and at closer range by live-in minder Therese, fresh from a spell in prison. 

A funny and deeply moving play about friendship, ego, art and the secret longing for a better life.

Nominated for Best Ensemble 2013 ATG Curtain Call Awards



Therese - Alison Scharber

Leo - Brian Godfrey

Margot - Shelley Hampton

Karl - Steve Marvanek

Gavin - Saul Vanaxton

Director - Erik Strauts 
Production Coordinator - Mo Johnson