Written by Hannie Rayson        Directed by Geoff Brittain

The play ran 21 February - 8 March 2014.

“Sunset in the Mallee. The sky is streaked with orange and red. Darkness is approaching. In the backyard of the family farm, the water tank is in silhouette. There are rusty forty-four-gallon drums lying around. The yard is littered with old farm junk and various members of the Myrtle family, neighbours and friends. Birds are calling. Dogs bark".

Geoff Brittain is directing the South Australian premiere of Hannie Rayson's latest play, Inheritance, our first production for 2014. 

In the Mallee country, a family gathers to celebrate the eightieth birthdays of twin sisters Dibs and Girlie. These have been heartbreak years in the bush and cracks in the family are beginning to show. All have a claim to the land, but which claim will prevail and who will lose out? A powerful family saga dealing with the divisions between the city and the bush, black and white, and duty and freedom.

 "I think audiences may be a little shocked by seeing this nostalgia of country Australia displayed in a more realistic fashion, together with its drama, humour, tension, language and vernacular. But at the same time enjoy a bloody good story by a good Australian playwright", Geoff says of this powerful new work. "Particular challenges will be in the physical staging of this play as this is an Australian epic drama, unlike any other Australian play to date. It tells a big story about a big family in a big country - not always palatable but we hope truthfully."

The Hamiltons

Dibs Hamilton  - Julie Quick
Farley Hamilton - Peter Kentish
William Hamilton  - Tony Busch
Nugget Hamilton - Ben Todd
Julia Hamilton - Jo St Clair 
Felix Hamilton-Gray - Alex King
Young Dibs  - Zoe Muller

The Delaneys

Girlie Delaney - Madeleine Marin 
Lyle Delaney - Peter Davies
Maureen Delaney - Deborah Walsh
Ashleigh Delaney + Young Girlie  - Jasmin Muller
Brianna Delaney - Zoe Muller

Lucky Joe - John Koch

Geoff Brittain

Stage Manager
Patsy Thomas

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