20 February - 7 March 2015

The Beaux’ Stratagem 

 By George Farquhar
Adapted by Thornton Wilder and Ken Ludwig
Directed by Dave Simms

The Beaux’ Stratagem, which opens The Stirling Players’ 2015 season, is an hilarious romp about the original dirty rotten scoundrels. Aimwell and Archer are two fashionable beaux with a strategy: having fallen on hard times, they plan to travel through small towns, entrap young heiresses, steal their money and move on to the next.

But not everything goes to plan as they meet a colourful collection of rogues, other thieves and women who turn out to be smarter than they expected. In the very first town, they set their sights on a pretty young girl, and Aimwell falls instantly and truly in love - with seriously comic consequences. 

Written in the 18th century by George Farquhar, and updated in the 20th century by Thornton Wilder and Ken Ludwig, the play is making its Australian premiere (at last!). Audiences are in for a treat and they’ll find that the beautifully costumed Restoration comedy, which the award-winning Dave Simms is directing, is no less relevant today. Love and marriage? What’s changed in 300 years? 

Beau = noun: Boyfriend or admirer
Stratagem = noun: trick or con
"The boyfriends' trick" is what we'd call the play if it was written now.  

The Beaux’ Stratagem ran 20 February 2015 – 7 March 2015 at The Stirling Community Theatre. 

At the Theatre Association of South Australia (TASA) on Monday 8 February 2016, The Beaux' Stratagem was announced as the winner of the 2015 DRAMATICal Award for Best Drama. This award is decided by the TASA reviewers' panel and we were honoured to be included in the list of high calibre nominees. Congratulations to Dave Simms, his cast and crew on receiving the award. We are thrilled to have been recognised again for the quality of this production.

Director - Dave Simms
Production manager - Mo Johnson


Jack Archer                    -  Adam Tuominen

Tom Aimwell                   -  James Edwards

Cherry                             -  Rosie Williams

Kate Sullen                      -  Anna Bampton

Dorinda                            -  Kate van der Horst

Lady Bountiful                  -  Lindy leCornu

Scrub                                -  Brian Godfrey

Gloss                                -  Alan Crawford

Boniface & Foiard             -  Peter Smith 

Sullen & Hounslow            - Joshua Coldwell

Sir Charles & Bagshot       - Matt Houston
& Servants various

Robbed lady                      - Debbie Tester
Servants various       

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