The Lady in the Van

Written by Alan Bennett, Directed by Dave Simms

October 2013

In 1974 playwright Alan Bennett encountered Miss Mary Shepherd, an elderly eccentric lady living in a broken down van near his London home. He allowed her to park her van temporarily in his garden - and she ended up staying for fifteen years! The Lady in the Van is his funny and moving dramatisation of his comic diary of the years in which the dotty and very smelly old bat provided him with a roughy equal amount of good material for this memoirs and guilty landlordly irritation.


Alan Bennett 1  - Lee Cook
Alan Bennett 2 - Tim Edhouse
Miss Shepherd -  Jill Morrell
Rufus - Malcolm Walton
Pauline - Debbie Tester
Mam/ Ensemble  - Myra Waddell
Social Worker/ Ensemble - Melissa Esposito
Underwood/ Ensemble - Tim Blackshaw
Interviewer/ Doctor/ Ensemble - Kate Van Der Horst
Doctor/ Fairchild/ Ensemble - Neville Phillis
Lout/Ensemble - Alex King

Director - Dave Simms

Stage Manager - Hugh Hunkin
Production Coordinator - Mo Johnson